Academics / Professional Development

Currently, I attend the Fort Walton Beach .NET User Group meetings put on by Bit Wizards, because one can never know too much- and the pizza is good!

Fall of 2011, I took an AI and Machine Learning class along with 50,000 people around the world. This was a part of a grand experiment in online learning created by several professors at Stanford University.

In June of 2008, I received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Cincinnati. In the course of pursuing that degree, I:

  • Studied Ethnography, Archaeology, Linguistics, and Biological Anthropology
  • Graduated a year early
  • Spent a year in a French language immersion house
  • Was a huge band geek
  • Traveled with the Anthropology club
  • Took an apprenticeship with the Aerospace Engineering department and sponsored by the US Army, during which I:
    • Installed servers
    • Collected data for an experiment on flow and drill bits
    • Turned an Apple II into a thermometer


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