Performance Reviews

Excerpts from my Quarterly Performance Evaluations at Macy's Credit & Customer Service:

Caroline has a strong foundation in writing which is visible in her work. She is not afraid to ask questions to clarify directions or company policy. Caroline has a critical eye, which is an asset when she can communicate in a constructive manner and provide potential solutions when concerns arise.
- Sonya Moore, Director of Learning & Development
Caroline successfully completed her first big design project, International Shipping, this quarter. She was challenged to work in an incredibly short time line, in a new computer application, and frequent operational changes. Caroline showed incredible dedication to taking what she already knew about Macy's and Bloomingdale's retail customer service and becoming an expert in the Consulate. Job well done. Caroline shows the same initiative to all of her projects in respect to understanding the business.
- Kristen M. DeVito, Retail Services Instructional Design Manager, Learning & Development (links provided for reference)
Caroline has done a great job this quarter serving our customers. Being new, she made sure to reach out, locate, and meet the business partners we work with most frequently. She shows dedication to customers in the quality standards she sets for herself, and the depth of her intellectual curiosity.
- Sonya Moore, Director of Learning & Development
Caroline has provided excellent customer service this quarter. She consistently goes above and beyond to meet our customers needs with an outstanding tone and attitude. She is able to remain upbeat and patient with complex customer issues. Caroline makes an effort to genuinely connect with each customer and her ability to do so makes her stand out as a customer service star.
- Joe Cox II, .COM Customer Service Manager


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